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One stop for your mould issues. Mould remediation, Mould block & treatments and Painting and decorating with experienced technicians.

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Our experienced technicians will be able to successfully diagnose the root cause of the mould and use industry-leading technology to prevent it from festering even further.

We provide mould remediation services to both commercial and domestic clients across the nation. With teams stationed in a variety of locations, we can be on the scene within just an hour of your call to action.

Comprehensive Mould Treatment

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Mould remediation

Our specialist surveyors will carry out a full inspection which includes:

  • A detailed survey of the property, identify the areas of mould growth and the causes.
  • Look at the heating, ventilation, insulation, lifestyle and the type and construction of the property.
  • Take temperature and humidity readings in the property and advise on the dew point temperature.
  • Make recommendations on the necessary works to eliminate the mould. (Mould treatment and redecoration, Insulation – thermal Insulation, Ventilation) Advise on correct use of heating and ventilation and on measures to reduce condensation in the home.
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Painting & Decorating

When it comes to residential painting and decorating work, both interior and exterior decorating, we have over 40 years of experience throughout London in helping people improve their houses, homes and apartments.

For our residential and local authority customers we are able to carry out the following services:

  • Repair/replace minor leaks, cracked window panes, rotten wood and destroyed sills
  • Small amounts of general carpentry, tiling, plastering and plumbing
  • Correction of any and all cracks and holes before decorating
  • Strip and prepare walls and ceilings, then hang wallpaper of pretty much any design or quality
  • Prepare and paint any surface, whether to a first-class standard or for just a tidy up
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The Proven Acknowledged Trades Ltd a reliable and highly experienced family-run business with experts across London. We offer professional mould eradication and painting & decorating services for both homeowners and landlords.

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Need help with mould removal and aftercare painting and decorating?

One of our local experts will contact you to learn more about your problems, offer free expert advice and make recommendations for a permanent solution.

During the free survey we will:

  • Assess any condensation, damp or mould problems in your property
  • Take readings of the relative humidity levels
  • Identify any underlying problems and make recommendations for a permanent solution

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To get started or to request our expert advice, do not hesitate to get in touch with us via phone or email!

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